Alpina Tempest Cross Country Skis

Alpina-tempest-cross-country-skis Alpina Tempest Cross Country SkisAlpina Tempest Cross Country Skis. Alpina Tempest skis are suitable for skiers of all ability levels. cross country skis, made with wood core and reinforced with fiberglass, are cut to classic touring ski dimensions and waxless base makes these perfect for recreational users. Most sui..
Fischer-jupiter-control-mounted-cross-country-skis Alpina Tempest Cross Country SkisFischer Jupiter Control Mounted Cross Country Skis. A trusted ski with stable platform and easy kick pattern. Lengths: M L XL, Sidecut: 50 55 50, Weight/Length: 1,370g/M, Base: Sintec, Recommended Bindings: Auto Touring Classic NIS Silver, Bindings Not Included, Flex: 40 shA, Fixation: Automatic, Tech..
Fischer-outback-68-crown-xc-skis Alpina Tempest Cross Country SkisFischer Outback 68 Crown XC Skis. A sport with more and more followers: Offtrack Cruising. Step outside door and enjoy winter experience without trail and only need 8 to 10cm or more snow. After all, winter is too short and passion for exercise is too big to wait longer! With especia..
Fischer-rcr-skate-medium-stiffness-xc-skis Alpina Tempest Cross Country SkisFischer RCR Skate Medium Stiffness XC Skis. safe choice for every ski marathon: with this World Cup sidecut and base ski also comes up trumps over long distances. So are fully prepared for all snow conditions. Finish First, DTG World Cup Universal, Prewaxed, Skating 115 Construction, Preci..
Fischer-ridge-crown-xc-skis Alpina Tempest Cross Country SkisFischer Ridge Crown XC Skis. Whether beginner or have couple years experience under belt, Fischer Ridge Crown Cross Country Skis are ideal choice for when want to spend those beautiful winter days on trails. These lightweight skis have been outfitted with Air Channels integrated..
Fischer-sc-combi-xc-skis Alpina Tempest Cross Country SkisFischer SC Combi XC Skis. Whether skating or classic, robust entry level model SC Combi ensures speed and fun on track. With this model, initial progress is just around corner. Speed Grinding, Power Layer, Ait Tec Basalite Core, Sidecut: 41 44 44, Weight: 1,360 187cm, Base/Cl..
Fischer-sc-skate-xc-skis Alpina Tempest Cross Country SkisFischer SC Skate XC Skis. New: special Power Layer on SC Skate means huge weight reduction. entry level model for skating style is now lighter to give even greater speed and fun on trails. Speed Grinding, Skating 115 Construction, Sidecut World Cup Skate, Rental Tail Protecto..
Fischer-twin-skin-power-xc-skis Alpina Tempest Cross Country SkisFischer Twin Skin Power XC Skis. Twin skin model for newcomers and advanced skiers who are in search of reliable companion. Two skin strips arranged in slightly offset positions and with variable base depth integration result in harmonious gliding. 70% mohair and new Efficient Forwa..